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We have a new swing trading for beginners course being released in a series of videos on the blog!  This swing trading course is a great way to learn many of our top strategies whether you are a beginner or more advanced swing trader.


As many of you know, we focus on finding the best technical setups on the top growth stocks and companies beating estimates with rising future earnings expectations. 


A lot of traders focus purely on technical analysis when trading.  Others just focus on trading fundamental factors.


Well, I am here to tell you that you do not have to choose.  You can trade just the best technical patterns on only stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals.


This strategy has been met with a lot of success again this year.  We have had a lot of big winners in 2017 so far including EDU, CXW, AEIS, MKSI, VEEV, MELI, WB, AMZN, FB, AAOI and many others over the past few months. 


These stocks have moved 20% to over 65% within several weeks from an ideal technical entry point identified in our Daily and Weekly Alert.


Some of the potential payoff for finding the best technical patterns on stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals. 


The more passive, less time-consuming 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter on Investtobefree.com is on track for a near triple-digit year by focusing on the best stocks with the best technical and fundamental factors.  After being on a tear its first five years.


But it all starts with the basics of our swing trading strategies.  These all-new free videos will give you a firm foundation whether you want our service, purchase our favorite strategies or whether you go off on your own.


This first video gives you an overview of what it takes to succeed at swing trading using our strategies.  Surprising to some, you do NOT need expensive services to succeed with our strategies. The free stockcharts.com will work just fine to get started.


These free videos explain all the key areas you need to focus on when learning to become a highly profitable swing trader using our strategies.





My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week


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