QCOR and Citron Report

September 19, 2012 by  
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We got out of QCOR above $50 but just wanted to let everyone know that it looks like Aetna has only about 4% or so of the health insurance market. Even if the story about Aetna declining coverage of achtar is really a new development.

Found this at http://www.lowcosthealthinsurance.com/who-are-the-top-10-health-insurance-companies-by-market-share/

An IBD story says this is old news from 2008 rehashed by Citron Research, a short-seller that has released negative news to hammer the stock in the past. Lets see what the company says.

I don’t believe they are in the quiet period before earnings so they should have a response. Shorts like to hit the stock during the quiet period as Citron did a couple months ago prior to the last earnings release. But this time they can respond right away.

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