Explosive Bottoming Patterns Unleashed…

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The explosive bottoming pattern training videos are now live!


View the Explosive Bottoming Pattern Course Videos.


This is my favorite go to candlestick reversal pattern that is a true workhouse. Its so easy to nail the entry point and you have plenty of opportunities each month. 


This reversal pattern, when identified correctly, is my current favorite reversal pattern and usually leads to a move of 4% to 100% higher in 15 minutes to 8 days if it reaches the entry point.


Not only can you use it for swing trading, you can also catch a great day trading opportunity near the ideal entry point. The day trading setups are nearly all the rest with its consistency and high probability of success.


And I continued to see that last week.  In just over the past month we have seen stocks in our newsletter soar around 15%, 25%, 35% and over 65% out of this one chart pattern.  A couple of these patterns occurred after subscribers made big profits on short patterns on these stocks following the short entry and exit targets given in the newsletter. 


Now you can learn to take advantage of these big rebounds as well.  This video explains the huge benefits of this explosive bottoming pattern in more detail….


Click here to the learn more about the Explosive Bottoming Pattern.





2 Comments on "Explosive Bottoming Patterns Unleashed…"

  1. steven kemp on Thu, 6th Apr 2017 9:33 PM 

    If I were to get one to get started would you recommend the video series or your book and second question are you related to the founder of investors Bussiness daily thanks steven kemp

  2. admin on Sat, 24th Jun 2017 8:55 AM 


    If you want to get started with a great short-term swing trading strategy for hold times of 1 to 8 days, the explosive bottoming video course is a great strategy to start with. If you want to trade earnings season with the strategy that currently has the highest probability of success, then get the earnings eruptions video course. The swing trading book is great for swing trading earnings flags and other longer-term swing trading strategies where you hold the stock a few days to a few months on stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals. Not related to William O’Neil but I have gotten that question before and love his work.

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