Secrets to Swing Trading Success

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2017 is shaping up to be another great year for those using our techniques. 


Many of our top swing trading setups featured in the Daily Alert around the first of the year have already made a 10% to 50% move in our direction.  And the Investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter, a newsletter for those who do not want to use technical analysis, is off to a good start.


In a recent live webinar, I explain why our swing trading methodology has done so well over the years.


I’m not a professional public speaker by any means and I was getting over a cold when I delivered this presentation.  But it explains why many have commented that we are the best stock picking service online.


We combine best-of-breed technical analysis with fundamental characteristics proven to beat the market over the average time horizon of our trades.  The video gives some great examples of how to find explosive trading setups using our strategy.


And the price is pretty good for this recorded live webinar.  It’s free 🙂



Yours Truly,


Brian C Neall – Founder



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