How to Get Started Making Money in Stocks

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The following video gives you a great overview of the different strategies that are working the best for us in the current market.  Its a recording of our live webinar that teach our powerful, proven techniques on Tradetobefree and




One of the questions I often get is how do you get started making money in stocks?  And how much money do I need?  Or, more accurately, how much money do I need to put into a brokerage account to make it worthwhile?


Well, when it comes to buying individual stocks, there are a few methods that I have found work very well to make money.  Which one you should choose does depend on how much money you start with and the time you have to spend on it each week.


For those who have the most limited time, a methodology like the one taught on for the aggressive portion of your overall portfolio works very well for their needs.  The performance of the newsletter that uses this strategy can be seen on the site.  Its pretty impressive. 


And this methodology only takes a few minutes per week to utilize when you subscribe to the newsletter.  The newsletter comes out Thursday night and you would change 1 to 2 positions on average per week on Friday only.  Always having 3 stocks in your account dedicated to this approach.  You incur about 170 trading commissions or so per year because you pay a commission with your online broker on the way in and on the way out of a stock.


You can start with smaller amounts but generally $20,000 is a good amount to start with if you are using the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter.  The Investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter has a terrific track record since inception and customers are willing to pay for superior performance so you need to factor in these costs along with commissions.  This strategy should also work with the free Robinhood broker.  Robinhood is NOT recommended for day trading (strategies where you buy and sell a stock the same day).


With under 20k starting capital, you can check other online brokers and the account minimum.  Robinhood currently offers free commissions at last check.  Some discount brokers offer low commissions and even a set number of free commissions for new clients in some cases.  Just count on about 170 trades or so per year with and the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter.


The other method we found that works well for us in our own trading is the Tradetobefree method where we buy elite growth stocks and other stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals as they are completing a pullback or consolidation generally within a longer-term uptrend.  And we feature these on the subscription site just as they are near an ideal technical entry point.  With this approach, assuming you have 3 stocks in your trading account at any given time, it will likely require about half the trades per year as the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter.


With Robinhood, you can use this swing trading strategy and pay nothing in commissions at last check.  So if you are disciplined and have the half hour or more per day to use the subscription site, it can be well worth it. 


If you have more time than money to invest in training or newsletters, our book teaches you how to find and trade great swing trading setups at a very low cost.  And our new explosive bottoming pattern course teaches you a very high probability low risk trade that can work great even with a basic trading platform like Robinhood.


Hope that helps you decide which route to go and how much you need in the beginning.  As always, talk to your personal financial advisor about how much you should put into individual stocks based on your personal financial situation.  And then get started down the path of making your personal fortune in the market with the aggressive portion of your overall portfolio by choosing one of the great options above.


Yours Truly,


Brian C Neall – Founder

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