What is Swing Trading/Stock Channeling?

“Swing trading” and “channeling stocks” can be thought of as 'short-term value investing'. It involves buying a stock that has a strong historical tendency to move
between a support and resistance level. You buy the stock near support and sell near resistance.

You then buy another channeling stock at just the right time to do it again ( or wait for the same stock to go back down to its support level and begin to rise). The quicker the stock moves from its support level to its resistance the better.

You can hold the stock for a day up to several months or more. With our techniques, you generally hold the stock for 2-4 weeks to achieve a gain of 5-30% or more.

Typically, swing trading investors are looking for at least a 10-15% range, i.e. the stock has moved upward an average of 10-15% before hitting resistance and moving back down in the past.


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I work 9 to 5. Do I have to do this during the day to see results?

Not at all. The beauty of our trading system and our internet stock trading newsletter is that you can put in your orders to buy and sell after the market has closed for the day (unlike day trading). All the information you need to find the best channeling stocks is available online at any time of the day. You just need to know where to go to find the stocks, create the charts, find company information, etc and how to use this information. This is all explained in detail, step-by-step, in our swing trading ebook. You could say that this technique turns day trading into 'night trading'.


Is there a guarantee that I won't lose any money?

All stock trading systems and investing in general involves risk (see Policies). However, we have developed an advanced swing trading system utilizing several powerful technical indicators and the very best fundamental analysis to make our weekly stock picks. Our trading system shows you how to easily pick only the top companies in terms of earnings and outlook for your stock trading. We know of no one that can top our trading system as it involves the very best fundamental analysis techniques with top technical swing trading techniques to come up with a stock trading system that can earn up to 10-20% per month or more without risky options in a bull market.


How much should I expect to make?

Making money in the stock market is just like other businesses. The more time and effort you put into it, the more money you'll make. We've been successful in approximately 70% of our stock picks during our first full year (2005) of the Weekly Alert using the techniques in our book, Power Investing – Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, with typical gains of 5-30% per trade.


How is this book written?

Like an instruction manual with plenty of commentary and reasoning. I've broken our powerful trading system down to 5 essential steps. Each step is explained throughly with plenty of examples and charts to make it easy and straightforward to begin using these techniques.


Can't I just do this myself without this book?

Sure. But you need to know what you're doing to make any substantial profits. Many failed swing trades could have been avoided if the trader would have waited for key technical factors to emerge (and its not just stochastics and volume). Many of these indicators are known and used by few stock traders.

Through years of trial and error we've figured out what indicators work and which do not when swing trading. Most rolling stock/swing trading techniques found elsewhere on the web involve trading penny stocks which are generally very speculative and risky. Our techniques show you how to find the very best small cap stocks with real revenues, sales and earnings growth.


How do I order 'off-line'?

We accept checks and money orders for the quarterly and annual subscriptions and PowerInvesting ebook only. We ONLY accept checks for annual subscriptions. Add $10 for shipping and handling and send the payment to the RTP address. We also accept PayPal. Simply choose the PayPal icon from the order page.


I live in Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.. Do your techniques work in those

The techniques are rooted in earnings fundamentals and investor psychology so it should apply to any market. I would check earnings fundamentals with stock
screeners as the third-party ranking system we use primarily covers US stocks. You also need stock charting software – not sure if stockcharts.com would cover this need for your countries exchanges.

We honor the money-back guarantee (for the PowerInvesting Book) in any market, so feel free to give it a try.


Can I pay for the Weekly Alert subscription using PayPal?

Sure. We use the widely used, ultra-secure former Verisign platform for subscription payments. However, those wishing to pay with PayPal can do so by clicking on the PayPal Express Checkout button next to the credit card logos on the regular payment form.


How do you screen for your stocks in the Weekly Alert?

We use sophisticated stock screeners to reduce the pool of thousands of stocks to about a hundred or so with the very best near-term earnings fundamentals. We then analyze each chart manually to find the very best technical setups. How we use various stock screeners is explained in detail in the PowerInvesting ebook.


Why would you give away your stock picking secrets?

We're very enthusiastic about helping small investors maximize their returns and change their quality of life. There's plenty of swing trading opportunities for everyone who buys the book. It's also a way to let traders know the system we use before enrolling in our weekly alert service.


I want to enroll in your weekly service. Can I cancel at any time?

Sure, all subscriptions can quickly and easily be cancelled on the members site. You would just click on the 'My Account' option within the members-only website, click the cancel link and then click the cancel button. Those who ordered with PayPal prior to April 2008 would need to cancel through their PayPal account as well.


I would rather not have auto-recurring charges for the Alert. Can I turn this off?

Auto-recurring subscriptions greatly reduce administration costs, allowing us to offer our service for less. However, you can simply cancel to prevent future charges. When you cancel, you will continue to have subscriber access until the end of your current term.


I had my password emailed to me and its not in the email. What do I do?

Your password was not entered during the order process. Your password is set to a single space in this case.

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