Get Ready to Trade Big Earnings Surprises

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This morning we saw one of the first semiconductor stocks to report this quarter, ASML.  ASML blew away estimates on both the top and bottom line.  Meanwhile, IBKR crushed their revenue projections last night by more than 10%.


ICHR, another stock in the semiconductor industry, pre-announced a huge blowout and they raised next quarter revenue guidance by nearly 20% on the top-line!  A great start to earnings season.


This earnings season is looking like a real barn burner.  We should see some monster numbers from top growth stocks and have fun trading some big earnings surprises.


Before jumping in on a strategy or trade, though, its always helpful to look at what is working in the current market.


Some of the characteristics that are working right now include at least low double digit earnings and sales growth with recent acceleration, a strong return on equity and a strong long-term uptrend.  This is giving us a big advantage when trading strong technical patterns and breakouts.


Now if the stock also has a track record of beating estimates with rising future expectations, we become very interested in looking further.


The stocks featured recently in the Daily Alert that have the strongest metrics in these areas include ALGN, ADBE, OLED and ANET.  All 4 are near the top of the list of growth stocks in the current market with earnings and sales growth recently accelerating into the mid double digits and beyond.


All 4 stocks were in very strong long-term uptrends when we featured them over the past month.  And all were pulling back towards an uptrend support level.  Once they confirmed a higher low and then a higher high on a daily chart, its was time to act.


After ANET reached our target entry point last month, the stock surged around 20% in less than 4 weeks.  OLED made a more than 10% move from this technical entry point in a couple days.  ADBE rallied about 10% in less than a week and ALGN has soared about 20% in about 2 weeks from our target entry point.


Again, the top growth stocks in great chart patterns are making a very nice initial move once they reach a good technical entry point.


We saw more bull flag patterns break out last week.  We mentioned CRC in the closing remarks in the daily alert nearing the breakout point.  After reaching new highs and breaking out of the bull flag, it quickly surged 10% higher within a couple trading days.


This kind of initial move is very common with this highly bullish chart pattern explained more on the site and blog.


DQ is another bull flag breakout featured toward the end of December.  It soared about 25% from our initial entry point within about 2 weeks before pulling back sharply late yesterday morning.


Some of the Chinese growth stocks have been surging out of strong technical entry points as well.  YY, featured in the Daily Alert in December, surged about 25% from the listed target entry point in about 4 weeks.


Again, growth has been where its at over the past few weeks and we expect some of the top growth stocks to set up some very impressive earnings eruption trades.


As earnings season starts, its a great time to learn the earnings eruptions trading setup.  Last quarter we saw some huge moves out of this trading setup including ROKU which rocketed nearly 100% higher within a few days after reaching the technical entry point using this strategy.


The video course will give you the ins and outs of trading this powerful technical setup with a very high success rate while using a tight 2.5% stop.



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Swing Trading Strategies that Work in Today’s Market

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The end of the year is a great time to look at your past trades throughout the year and see what is working best.


In 2017, we have seen many of the classic bullish technical patterns work very well – at least on the very best growth stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals and strong UPOD (under promise – over deliver) stocks.


When CXW was featured just before 2017 started in the daily alert, it was breaking out of a very well-formed bull flag pattern.  Arguably the most bullish chart pattern and a pattern that has been really heating up again recently.


CXW formed the pattern in December of 2016 with rising estimates and other positive fundamental factors emerging.  The price reached our target entry point after being showcased in the Daily Alert and it soared about 50% higher within a few weeks while pulling back less than 1% below the ideal technical entry point in the pattern.


We saw 2 other bull flag breakouts last week.  GDS broke out and surged 4% yesterday already.  DQ is up about 10% in a few days.


Both stocks are poised to make much bigger gains after perhaps another pullback and bullish candlestick pattern. 


Many of the biggest moves last year came on the superior growth stocks with the mid-double digit or higher growth.  ALGN broke out of 2 flat bases for us ahead of earnings for big profits of 20% to 35% within a few weeks.


ANET soared nearly 50% within several weeks after breaking out of the same pattern after we featured it to customers.


OLED, LGIH, NVDA, CORT, UCTT, NTES, CTRL, SUPN and many others made 20% to 50%+ moves for us within a few weeks after appearing on the site.


Keep in mind that none of these are volatile and risky stocks under $10.  They are more reliable and stable growth stocks that you can confidently hold for a number of weeks.


But all of these stocks had one thing in common – strong growth for a number of years followed by recent strong accelerating growth.  They then formed a strong consolidation for a number of weeks before breaking out.


Other top performers, like MTOR, were clobbering estimates with rising future expectations and very reasonably valued.  MTOR soared over 50% within a few weeks after we featured it.


It seems like all the top performers were either trouncing estimates with rising future expectations and a low valuation or were top growth stocks with accelerating growth.


This theme should continue in 2018.  Growth is back and we should see different industries throughout the year deliver great trading setups for us.


We saw some great explosive bottoming pattern setups as well in 2017.  RH ran about 70% from the ideal entry point in this pattern in about a month.  HTHT soared 40% after we mentioned it in the alerts in December near the ideal entry point in this pattern.  Many other stocks made big moves for those who have the video course.  


The explosive bottoming pattern takes anywhere from an hour to about 8 days to reach its first target with a high success rate even while using a tight 3.5% stop.  Its very flexible and can easily be traded even if you work full time.  


Last January we saw some great explosive bottoming setups that made big moves such as NOVN and others.  January is a great time to learn and start using the explosive bottoming swing trading strategy.


Meanwhile, the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter had an incredible year as well after the first five years were extremely good.


High double digit returns in 2017 for a strategy that requires just 15 minutes on 1 day per week is not bad at all. It continues to crush the top investment newsletters into 2018 on stocks that you can hold while sleeping well at night.



But growth is back in vogue.  And this may continue in the years ahead as economic growth accelerates.  Now is a great time to learn swing trading strategies that work.


Money will rotate out of one industry into another as better growth numbers continue to emerge.  One month it might be small oil drillers.  The next month it could be large cap biotechs or housing that will offer most of the best swing trading opportunities.


But watch for more bull flag patterns in the weeks and months ahead.  We will be adding more training videos on this explosive technical setup that often dwarfs the rest in a strong bull market.


You can also save a lot of time and have an expert select top trading setups on quality growth and UPOD (under promise/over deliver) stocks. Stocks that are generally in long-term uptrends with rapidly improving fundamentals.  A great strategy for any account size and a trading system that will not compromise a day job and fit anyone’s schedule.



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Catching One of the Biggest Winners Last Week

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We saw several more big winners last week that broke out of the earnings eruptions pattern talked about in the new video set that covers this powerful trading setup.


We caught ROKU breaking out using this strategy on Wednesday morning. The stock soared 40% within 3 days after reaching the ideal technical entry point talked about in the earnings eruptions videos.


The long-term prospects for ROKU are not as good so we should see a nice short opportunity on this next week.


The best way to catch these huge winners is right after the report – only if it has a good float size, share price, pre-market pattern and long-term trend. In the case of ROKU, we had a nice distance between a $25.60 swing point and near $30. I knew if it broke $25.60 it could reach around $30 in a hurry. In this case, it took just 11 minutes. Nice.


If you trade a stock in a lower price range, this trading setup is much less reliable. In the price range talked about in the course, it has been 90% reliable this quarter and around 90% over the past 3 quarters with a tight 2.5% stop-loss. Odds you just cannot get when trading lower priced stocks and playing the pump and dump game.


Stocks like ROKU have a real catalyst, real and sustained earnings and sales growth. Unreliable long pumps and short pumps are just not needed with this setup.


When you have a very high probability trading setup when using a tight 2.5% stop-loss, you can take much larger position sizes with a lot more confidence than on lower quality stocks. And the slippage is minimal versus the enormous slippage you often eat on lower priced stocks.


So whether you are trading on margin with a small account or trading $100,000 position sizes or more this trading setup is a big money-maker. After testing dozens of intra-day strategies, this strategy beats them all by far. There is only one other day trading strategy that I use where you get in and out the same day. Most of my favorite strategies are swing trading strategies where you keep the stock for multiple days.


We have seen at least 10 earnings eruptions setups so far this earnings season. A few of those did not quite meet all the criteria but were very close. 9 of 10 of those setups would have been winners using the entry/exit rules in the earnings eruptions strategy. SEDG was the only loser and I personally about broke even on that trade.


There is no telling how long this will clobber other short-term strategies but over the past 3 quarters its had a very high winning percentage over about 40 trading setups for those using the rules in the course which was just released in May.


Again, you have to make sure the stock meets all the requirements including the price of the stock and the size of the gap to make it a high percentage, low risk trading setup with huge upside for a day trade.


We should see a few more earnings eruptions setups in the weeks ahead. Right now we are offering a special package deal for both the earnings eruptions trade and the explosive bottoming pattern on the site. We just featured an explosive bottoming pattern last week on WB before it soared nearly 20% within a few days.


Order now and we will take $50 off if you order both video courses. Just view the free presentation on the earnings eruptions strategy and the discounted offer on the explosive bottoming course will come up after you order.




Save Big on the Earnings Eruptions and Explosive Bottoming Video Course


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Top Earnings Trades – Late Bloomer Day Trade ($3,100+)




Great news. The first 4 earnings eruptions setups in Q3 earnings season have all been winners using the entry/exit rules in the new earnings eruptions course.


On a couple setups we had to relax the rule for the average volume but the higher price of these stocks made up for the lower average volume in total dollar liquidity per day.


Now usually you will make the bulk of the profits on this trade within a half hour. You read that right. The big profits are usually made within a half hour after entering the trade with this big news event.


However, the earnings eruptions trade will occasionally move sideways after reaching the entry point and then break out strongly later in the morning.


I have seen this on several top growth stocks this year. One notable example was NFLX earlier this year and ADBE last week. On Friday we saw it occur again on one of the most overlooked top growth stocks in the market – ALGN.


We featured ALGN breaking out of strong consolidations ahead of 2nd quarter and 1rst quarter earnings this year before explosive moves higher. And we featured it again in the Weekly Alert a couple weeks ago ahead of the Q3 release. Those using our target entry and exit points cashed in on Friday morning with a nice 15% to 20% profit within 2 weeks.


But the stock also met all the criteria in our earnings eruptions strategy before the bell on Friday. We mentioned it on twitter and stocktwits as well on Thursday evening.


What was interesting about this trade though is that it reached the technical entry point in our #1 intraday pattern and then moved sideways for about an hour and a half. Similar to what ADBE, NFLX and other top growth stocks have down this year after a big earnings beat.


What is exciting about this behavior is that I know I can use a much tighter stop-loss if we get that break later in the morning (only if we have a tight consolidation earlier in the morning) with a very high likelihood of success. So I treat it as a separate trading setup that I can play with an even larger position size.


Now I can see experienced day traders out there rolling their eyes because generally a late morning day trading pattern breakout is a terrible trading setup.


Don’t get my wrong. Usually you want to short these breakouts on stocks that have moved earlier in the morning. However, if the gap is strong enough and the stock meets all the requirements in our course, its actually a great trading setup if it has not rallied yet and basically moved sideways in a tight consolidation from 9:30am to after 10:30am. The stocks we trade are a special breed.


Of course, the stock has to hold our 2.5% stop-loss throughout the morning, but a late morning breakout on these events (again, only on the right stocks) is a great opportunity. Generally these move at least 3% from the breakout point and rarely move .6% below the ideal entry point. So its a fantastic risk/reward and a very nice day trade.


Again do not confuse this with an ORB – opening range breakout. Those may work 50% of the time in my experience with a tight stop with a much smaller average gain during the day. Certainly not enough to make it worthwhile. In fact, nearly all day trading setups are a waste of time except for the one covered in our videos.


You have to make sure the stock meets all the requirements including the price of the stock and the size of the gap to make it a high percentage, low risk trading setup with huge upside for a day trade.


So the earnings eruptions trading setup is red hot again this quarter. The video above will go over more details about how we play our #1 day trading setup during earnings season. Again, its not a swing trading setup, where you hold for weeks usually, like we feature in the alerts. This is more of a day trading setup that often continues to trend higher for 2 or 3 days.


Unlike stocks under $10, this type of stock and catalyst does not need an artificial pump to work so it actually works much better for people who are not doing the pumping. The slippage is miniscule compared to those strategies on low float penny stocks. And the win rate is MUCH higher with a tight stop-loss so its easy to take larger position sizes as you can see in the video demo above.


What’s even better is that they are coming up more and more as earnings season heats up. And it looks like it will be a very good one for those who carefully learn all the rules in the earnings eruptions strategy.


Watch the video above to see another live example of what I found to be the #1 day trading setup in the market.



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Top Strategy for Trading Earnings- Great Start to Q3

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October is another solid month for us with the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter now around a 10 bagger before commissions and fees in just over five and a half years for those using the easy 15 minute instructions each Friday.


We also had some terrific swing trading setups in the Daily and Weekly Alert on that soared 20% to 30% within a few weeks of being featured.


In addition, we saw the first 3 earnings eruptions trades over the past week – all 3 of which made nice profits for those carefully following the rules in the new earnings eruptions videos.


This continues to be the best day trading strategy in the market to us by far with the highest win percentage and average profit after testing dozens of strategies, including those on low quality penny stocks. And with this day trading strategy, you do NOT have to cleverly front-run low float penny stocks to an attentive audience to be profitable. Trading penny stocks is a MUCH more difficult game to win.


These trading setups on higher quality earnings winners are much less risky, have a very high win percentage and will make you more profits per trade. What’s even better is that they are coming up more and more as earnings season heats up. And it looks like it will be a very good one for those who carefully learn all the rules in the earnings eruptions strategy.


Watch the video above to see another live example of what I found to be the #1 day trading setup in the market.



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Swing Trading Stocks – Great Results in Aug & Sep

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August was another great month for us with the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter up another 10% and now over a 9 bagger before commissions and fees in just over five years and five months for those using the easy 15 minute instructions each Friday. Meanwhile, we featured some terrific trading setups in the Daily and Weekly Alert on that soared after being featured to customers.


CORT is up about 60% now since being featured several weeks ago. MTOR is up nearly 50% now. WB made a huge move for both sites and many others made big gains after being featured in the Daily Alert. In September we have already seen UCTT soar 35% after being featured in the Daily Alert at the end of August.


This week we saw both of our top 2 trading setups for the week soar about 10% within a few days after being featured in the alerts. The 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter is about to wrap up another good month as well.


The rate of gains this year is approaching triple digits when 2017 is all said and done for the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter which requires only 15 minutes per week for subscribers. Its been a great year and some of the best months historically are just ahead of us.


Swing trading stocks is a great strategy during a market uptrend. In our latest instructional video, we go over how we do it again and again with some great examples. Plus, we share a great setup near an ideal technical entry point this week.



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Favorite Trading Simulator Software (Its Free!)

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As you probably already know, there is a big payoff for learning how to trade.


The highest paid people in the world are not top athletes, not celebrities, or small business owners.


They generally do not make unthinkable amounts of money developing a social media presence, by becoming a doctor or lawyer or in real estate.


No, they make there wealth and grow their wealth by becoming a great investor and/or trader.


You can do a quick search of the top paid bosses and see that top executive and celebrity pay is generally measured in the hundreds of millions. However, top pay for fund managers and elite traders is often measured in billions per year.


And many top managers started out by learning to become great traders.


So if I tapped you on your shoulder and told you that you could learn the most valuable skill in the world for free, I think you would be interested.


So put down the phone and remove other distractions, I am about to completely share with you the first step on the road to create real wealth by learning how to trade using paper money in this tutorial.


This is the next part of our swing trading course and is one of the most valuable lessons.


Now being great at anything takes a lot of diligence and practice. And you can start practicing for free right now by trading the top-performing asset class long-term. Stocks. Its where the wealthiest traders and investors generally make their money.


Now I know that trading on a simulator is not the same as trading real money. But if you have not developed strategies and skill to be able to make money on a simulator, than trading in a live account with real money will likely not go well. So save yourself money and learn great strategies on a simulator first.


Simulators have improved tremendously over the past several years and its now a great place to begin to learn.


If you are learning our strategies, or any new strategy, its highly recommended whether you are a beginner or more advanced trader. In a prior video I talk about the importance of managing risk and this method of controlling risk is one you do not want to overlook.


Especially if you are learning day trading – buying and selling the same day. Or a beginner starting with a new strategy.


Today’s simulators will give you an accurate portrayal of live trading and even reflect commissions and some of the slippage in your results.


Today I want to show you how to get started within the next half hour.


Now the Investopedia simulator is fine for investors but its not where I would go to learn to trade. There are actually some excellent short-term strategies rarely taught online including our earnings eruptions strategy. For this and other proven methods, you want a good trading platform that you can learn and then use when you transition to a live account.


Many consider the best swing trading platform to be Thinkorswim. And now with their commissions dropping, its hard to argue with that.


Thinkorswim has a lot of great features including the ability to begin within an hour for free. All you have to do is download the software and create an account.


What is amazing is that you do not even have to fund the account to get started on their great simulator. And the simulator (they call it Paper Money) closely mirrors their live trading platform.


With the Thinkorswim simulator you can just choose the “paper money” option when you login and then just use the platform like you would in a live account.


The platform gives you $100,000 of paper money and virtual margin as well. The data is delayed 15 minutes but that shouldn’t be a concern if you are learning a strategy on a simulator. Just do not look at another information source to “cheat” and it won’t matter. However, you can go into the client services tab, your profile and subscribe to level 2 data to get real-time data when using the simulator.


Thinkorswim has good charting and a good scanner that automatically messages you when a new stock meets your scanning requirements.


One of the coolest features is that you can click the ‘on demand’ feature when you login to your live account. (You do not even need funding in the live account to use this feature. It will automatically give you a separate paper money account when you use Ondemand.)


With OnDemand, you can go back in time and trade a day in the past as if it were that day. This is a lot of value they give you for free without even funding an account.


So if you wanted to learn the earnings eruptions strategy or the explosive bottoming strategy, you can go back to the day when those stocks were near an entry point and practice your trading skills with that strategy without risking real money until you master it.


Just imagine trading the first hour or so of multiple trading days in the past on a Saturday afternoon. Developing and honing your skills when its convenient for you. The account and general ledger gets updated so you can tell how well you are doing.


The technical indicators, moving averages, etc… that traders generally put on their charts are called ‘studies’ in thinkorswim. But they are easy to use. Sometimes there is a slight delay between the quoted price and the price displayed on another platform on the simulator even without the 15 minute delay. This could be just due to the fact that its a simulator and computing resources would likely favor live accounts.


But with most strategies, including the ones we teach, I doubt if this would have much of an impact at all and it was only a very slight delay.


The other small gripe I have is that I could not find a VWAP (volume weighted average price) on a 1 minute or 5 minute time-frame during the day. However, their support let me know that they would customize a ‘thinkscript’ to actually create this moving average that I like to have on my five minute charts. The VWAP was available on longer-term charts however and all exponential moving averages that I use were easily available.


The customer service is very good even if you just have a paper trading account. Its a very widely used trading platform so there is plenty of information available online to learn the ins and outs. Its also one of the best option trading platforms as well with tons of features.


So you can get started practice trading a promising strategy while easily keeping track of your results with no risk. And no cost to you while you learn on this great simulator. Here’s exactly how to do it.


They often run special deals to move an account over as well that are very attractive. I recently moved over another of my own to TDAmeritrade and Thinkorswim.




After watching, you can take advantage of our current promotion to get access to our latest long-term swing trading setups that are poised to soar.



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Swing Trading Summer Sale!

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August generally has less trading and investing activity which causes a lot of great stocks to not move much even after a big earnings beat. This sets up some great swing trading opportunities for beginners starting to use our strategies.


Although the setups meeting the criteria in the earnings eruptions course did very well overall, a lot of great stocks pull back after a great earnings report in early August. Recent examples of this phenomenon this August include NVDA and SINA. These did not gap high enough to qualify for an earnings eruptions trade but they likely would have during other times of the year when volume levels are significantly higher.


If we do not see a bearish market signal, you generally see some great opportunities by mid to late August on these stocks. As big fund managers come back from vacation, they start buying some of these stocks that are raising guidance and crushing their numbers.


A big earnings beat is like a giant neon sign to fund managers. The sign says “look at me I am better than you thought”.


It gets attention. The big money evaluates the new upwardly revised numbers and begins to put large positions on in some cases.


If they already own the stock, they often add to their position. Smart managers know its normally a good idea to add to positions after the company beats and raises guidance.


If you are just learning swing trading as a beginner, its important to understand what moves stocks.


Its not the earnings beats. Its not economic factors. Its not political factors. Its not the technicals or chat room pumps.


Its institutional money managers deciding to take a position in the stock. It takes the buyers overwhelming the sellers to move a stock price higher. Mutual fund and hedge fund managers have this buying power more than any other market participant by far. And they tend to buy and hold instead of dump it soon after purchasing like day traders.


Big earnings beats and a guidance raise will get their attention and cause them to start accumulating large positions in many cases.


Now most stocks will pull back after the initial surge on a great earnings report. After the pullback, many will start another big move higher. Others will just pull back after the earnings pop. The question is, which ones will move a lot higher?


This is where technical analysis comes in to play. Fund managers will determine which ones make a big move and a manager cannot buy all at once. If they did, they would push the price up too far too quickly.


You can get a good idea which stocks are best poised to move based on the numbers. But what matters is what the fund managers do. And their tracks are clearly visible on a stock chart.


For instance, LRCX just beat earnings expectations and has been accumulated by fund managers for over a year. The price pulled back after the earnings report, rallied a bit and then pulled back again to form a higher low.


The price then gapped higher and reached a key technical entry point explained more in our swing trading course. Its up a few percent already since we featured it Monday evening. MKSI did the same thing for us last week when we featured it as our #1 trading setup.


CORT is surging now and is up over 20% from our original entry point.


My point is that you want to find a stock beating earnings big time in a strong technical pattern and long-term uptrend. And in August there is often a delay between the big beat and when the institutions start to accumulate the stock.


You can scour the market yourself for these gems near the right technical entry point to improve your odds. Or you can let an expert with over 10 years experience do it for you.


If you are like most people, your time is very valuable to you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced swing trader, we can save you hours per day trying to find the best setups after a big beat. And right now you can get a full month of about 5 carefully vetted trading setups per week at a huge discount. Only opportunities that have the rapidly improving fundamentals to support a large move higher.


In addition, our summer sale also gives you our book covering our long-term swing trading strategy for free.




More Profits on Big Earnings Beats

August 5, 2017 by  
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Yesterday we saw 2 more nice earnings eruptions trades on ANET and YELP. Both stocks moved about 5% from the ideal technical entry point within an hour again. This strategy continues to be red hot.


Before the market opened we published a video going over the trading setups we were watching for that day. As we did earlier this week on other earnings eruptions trades (and also a great swing trading setup we jumped in on CORT that appeared in the Daily Alert earlier.)


Both YELP and ANET were gaping high enough on Friday and had a strong enough pre-market pattern to qualify for the earnings eruptions trade.


Both stocks seemed to satisfy all of the other requirements in the course as well. YELP almost pulled back too much before the market open but opened high enough to keep it on our radar.


Shortly after the open both stocks hit the ideal technical entry point and I jumped in. No pump was necessary as institutional money was flooding into these higher quality stocks on a huge beat and guidance raise.


After entering at the ideal entry point, it was off to the races.


We are not about pumping and dumping penny stocks here at We go after much higher probability trading setups that beat all the other day trading setups we tested over the past couple years on over 5,000 live day trades that included a lot of penny stock strategies.


If you trade intraday, or want a more profitable, scalable and safer strategy, this is the best I have found by far. All the other intra-day strategies seem to work maybe 2 out of 3 times if you are good. A lot of them are far worse.


This one continues to have an 80% to 90% success rate if it satisfies all the rules in the earnings eruptions course.


Learn a higher probability strategy for trading earnings season. All this week I just demonstrated how effective this is as most good day traders lost money.



The first video reviews the trades we made on Friday – normally a tough day to make money day trading.


The 2nd video in this playlist was published before the bell and goes over my thought process ahead of the opening bell in evaluating these trading setups on our daily watch list created using the earnings eruptions course.





Free Presentation: Elite Earnings Eruption Video Course



Big Breakout on a Fast Growing Biotech

August 2, 2017 by  
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We just had a nice day trade this morning on a young Biotech growth stock with real earnings and added to a larger position on the same stock in our swing trading account.


CORT just crushed estimates after we featured the stock a couple weeks ago. This latest earnings report released last night shows accelerating growth including cash-flow growth.


In the Daily Alert last night we said another good entry point would be a move above $13.30 this morning. The stock reached that point and then quickly surged another 7.5% very quickly this morning. We caught a portion of that move for the day trade and added to our longer-term swing trade at around $13.30.


We thought ILMN would gap high enough to satisfy the requirements in the earnings eruptions day trade strategy. However, it did not gap high enough by the open.


I jumped in, though, not seeing that the gap was not enough by mistake. I closed the trade for about a 1% profit after recognizing that the gap was too weak. I later cashed in about 2% on the day trade on CORT while adding to the swing trade.


I was watching AAOI for a long day trade this morning but it did not break the pre-market highs as we talked about this morning and it pulled back with the rest of the market.


We have been talking about the pullback you normally see in late July and early August. And it continues to play out. Here is a review on how we made good money on a tough day for most long traders playing elite earnings beats.


The first video goes over what we were looking at before the bell. The 2nd video reviews the trades we took and did not take and explains why.





Free Presentation: Elite Earnings Eruption Video Course



Another Big Earnings Eruptions Trade Today

August 1, 2017 by  
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CGNX was our 2nd earnings beat that satisfied all the criteria in the earnings eruptions course this quarter.


Not surprisingly, it was a big winner.  This strategy is red hot this year.


CGNX had a massive beat on the top and bottom-line. Although they said margins will be going down next quarter which gave me a brief pause.


If they would have raised more than just sales guidance, I would have activated my other exit strategy to hold a large portion of my shares longer. 


But it hit the entry point and the first target beautifully – within a few minutes. Watch the video which reviews this great morning trade.





Free Presentation: Elite Earnings Eruption Video Course



How to Beat All the Hulberts Top 10 Newsletters

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It was another solid week for the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter. We expected ALGN to have a big earnings beat and they delivered again on Thursday evening.


After this week the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter is now more than an 8-bagger, before slippage and fees, in just over five years for those using the instructions in the getting started video each week since inception.  This is about 45% per year compounded. 


I checked the renowned Hulbert financial digest top 10 newsletters and the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter crushed their top performing newsletter over the past five years.


Granted the 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy is a passive swing trading strategy rather than an investment newsletter.  However, it only requires 15 minutes per week and has easily beaten all of the top investment newsletters they track. 


Starting with $30,000, the extra 10% per year with the strategy translates into an extra $60,000 in your account assuming you would have somehow picked the top-performing investment newsletter at Hulberts ahead of time.  It would have made you over $110,000 more if you would have somehow picked the median of the top 10 performing newsletters on Hulbert.


The power of an effective swing trading strategy on stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals.  The 3 Stocks to Wealth has had incredible out-performance over the past five years and requires just 15 minutes of your precious time on 1 day per week. Best of all it does NOT rely on risky penny stocks, options or leverage.


In our latest video I go over how to try and squeeze added performance out of the 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy.  A technique that worked great with ETFC last week but got us out at a slightly lower price than just a market order on ALGN this week.




This week we saw our first earnings eruptions trading setup on Friday and both FB and ALGN made big profits for us after being featured in the Weekly and Daily Alert.  SINA got caught in the market downdraft on Thursday and we cut a portion of our new position for about a 3% loss.


But we profited big on FB breaking out of a very bullish ascending base pattern ahead of its release.  Just before facebook soared 12% in just over 2 weeks into another big earnings beat.


ALGN was featured breaking out of a flat base pattern and is one of the best but often overlooked growth stocks in the market.  As with NFLX, ALGN broke out of the bullish pattern and soared after earnings and is up nearly 12% within 2 weeks. Its poised to make another follow-on move on Monday.


We trade top growth stocks breaking out ahead of earnings as long they have a strong tendency of beating estimates with stable or rising estimates.  We also insist on a very bullish, well-formed consolidation pattern ahead of the breakout.




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How to Trade Earnings Announcements

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Its been a great week for both the Tradetobefree and Investtobefree strategies. It was a home run for us using both strategies.



But that is now in the past. Today I want to talk about getting ready for the huge opportunities that will come up immediately after the dozens of big earnings surprises that are coming up in the days and weeks ahead.


But first I want to give you a background so you understand how proven and powerful this strategy is that I am about to teach you.


So over the past couple of years I took the time to test shorter-term trading strategies for more volatile markets. 


While I was swing trading the strategies taught on the site, I was also learning and testing dozens of day trading strategies just in case we were faced with a sustained down-trending market. 


While being very profitable, swing trading also gives you plenty of time to do other things during the day.  In this case, testing dozens of new strategies on shorter time-frames.


After two years and several thousand live day trades, I have to say that most day trading strategies are a waste of time.  Unless you run a forum where you can message thousands to, how shall we say, “provide liquidity” for the moderators on less liquid stocks. 


Yea, swing trading is much better for the rest of us.  A fact even top day traders admit to.  However, there are a few day trading technical setups I found work well and I plan to share my #1 day trading strategy with you here.


So every earnings season there are dozens of companies that report blow out quarters where they beat by a wide margin and raise guidance. Many try to guess the ones that will report a big blowout but you can only realistically forecast a sizable beat maybe 2 out of 3 times.  If you are really good that is.


You can get an edge by just playing stocks that have a strong recent history of consistently trouncing estimates and raising guidance but success will vary a lot over time.


Most of the time the company will beat by a little bit and the stock will maybe go up a few percent afterwards.  Occasionally they will miss and the stock can take a big hit.  So, after all is said and done, the profits can be disappointing by trying to guess which company will have a big beat and raise.


However, if you play a little-known day trade after an earnings beat that meets all of my qualifications, you can make 3% to 15% within a couple hours with a tight 2.5% stop-loss and a much higher rate of success.  And this is WITHOUT risky penny stocks, options or margin involved.


Occasionally, these stocks will run 30% to over 100% within a few days.  Similar to the potential gains of our explosive bottoming pattern but 3% to 15% profits are very likely to come within an hour or two versus up to a week and a half with the explosive bottoming pattern – another of my favorite strategies on longer time-frames.


Now this “earnings eruption” day trade, as I like to call it, is a trading setup that emerges a few times per month on average.  Its the best pure day trading setup I have tried by far.  And I tried dozens of the top setups taught on-line.


This earnings eruption trade is much more reliable than other day trading strategies, much less risky and has big upside.  And I have found the average profits are much larger.


Its also much easier to trade and only requires a basic trading platform versus other day trading strategies that generally focus on penny stocks.  Its also very compatible with the free Robinhood broker


This strategy is a much better way to play big earnings beats for those who want to invest the time to learn it.


Below we have most of the first video free so you can begin to learn this top shorter-term trading setup on a simulator.  View this video before attempting any day trading strategy. 


Especially if you want a quick day trading strategy that scales easily to large account sizes yet has a higher win percentage and higher average profit percentage. 


If you already day trade, you will find this beating your favorite setups with much more reliability when the setup meets all of our qualifications explained in the complete video course.




Free Presentation: Elite Earnings Eruption Video Course



Top Reversal Pattern – 1 Year Later

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The rounding bottom pattern continues to be one of the best performing long-term swing trading patterns in the market.


Last year we published a video on this very bullish pattern on Youtube. NPTN was the example given in the video and the stock had just reached the ideal entry point. After the video was published, the stock soared about 80% within about 2 months.


Another example of the bullish rounding bottom pattern, on a stock with rapidly improving fundamentals, was LGIH. We featured this stock in a more choppy rounding bottom on April 17th.


As with our other featured trading setups, LGIH has the rapidly improving fundamentals to not only make a large move higher, but also to hold those levels.


Earnings growth had averaged over 50% per year over the prior five years. Sales growth was very solid and expected to be around 20% per year over the next couple years. Return on equity was strong at around 25%.


LGIH was carving out a large rounding bottom pattern that many traders missed and was carrying a low valuation – especially to its peers.


We found the stock after it had made a higher low and then a higher high on the right side of the base. The price had come back to test the ideal entry point and held in a smaller rounding bottom pattern.


One bullish chart pattern is nice. A bullish pattern within a larger bullish pattern is even better as it attracts more traders. Here is how it looked when we featured it to subscribers.



LGIH pulled back briefly but held above our stop-loss point and then soared about 40% from our target entry point in a couple months.



This strategy makes it very easy to play this setup whether you work full time or not. You would be surprised how often you get a good entry price just by buying the stock at the open the day after it reaches our entry point with a market order placed after hours.


But the rounding bottom has been one of the most bullish technical setups on these longer time-frames. We caught CMG in this pattern near an ideal entry point earlier this year before it surged 20% within a month. WDC was featured late last year before it made a beautiful 40% move higher within a couple months.


By entering near an ideal technical entry point as we explain on the blog and on our Youtube channel, you can get in early and target big gains with a tight stop and a high probability of success.


We have another rounding bottom pattern on a top Chinese growth stock that just reached its technical entry point and was featured Monday. Its one of the top Chinese growth stocks.



The rounding bottom continues to be a great technical pattern on top stocks. We find lots of these throughout the year for subscribers.


Earnings season is about to start so its a great time to learn our earnings eruptions trade. Its our #1 shorter-term trading setup in the current market that normally lasts from 10 minutes to 3 days.



Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week


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How to Swing Trade Earnings – The Earnings Flag

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In the fifth video in our free swing trading course we talk about trading earnings and our top 2 strategies to make money around the time a company delivers an enormous earnings beat.


One of the favorite strategies to play big earnings beats by top swing traders is through trading a bullish chart pattern called the earnings flag.


After a huge earnings beat, the earnings flag chart pattern often develops. Especially if the earnings beat and raise meets all the criteria in the earnings eruption videos.


The earnings flag is one of the best swing trading setups in the market. The earnings eruptions strategy is more of a day trade but an earnings flag is a trade that is normally held for a few days or longer. We find these a lot in our own trading and for customers of the weekly and daily alert.


The earnings flag is a sideways or sideways to lower consolidation after a big move right after the earnings release. The move higher after earnings may last a day up to several days or more. Usually, the big move higher is over with within a few days.


Then the price generally starts to make lower lows on a daily candlestick chart. And then we look for a consistent downward slope to the pullback develop over a few weeks. Ideally, I want to see the consolidation (flag portion of the pattern) last four weeks or longer.


We should be able to draw a line connecting the highs in the downtrend (this is called the “downtrend resistance”) and have several touches or near touches of this line as in the example below on COHR – a great earnings flag we featured to customers earlier this year.



After this swing trading setup is featured on the site you would just click the chart each day. When you click the chart the latest chart comes up with the downtrend resistance line already drawn for you. You can see when the entry signal is reached with a quick glance each day.


The entry signal occurs once the price closes above the short-term downtrend resistance. After the price closes above it, we put a market order to buy for the open the next day.


This makes it very easy to play this setup whether you work full time or not. You would be surprised how often you get a good entry price just by buying the stock at the open the next day with a market order placed after hours.


Then once the order fills you can put a stop about .5% below the prior low on a daily chart. Or if there is a confirmed uptrend support, as in the case of COHR, you could just cut losses if it closes below the uptrend support if it goes the other way.


Once we are up 4% to 10% you can sell some of your shares and put in a stop loss around your entry point. We like to find the nearest support on a 10 minute chart below our entry and place the stop a few cents below that point. As always, its critical to get in near the entry point.


As the old saying goes – “You chase, you lose”. I find that to be true in general. The one exception is if the price goes through the technical entry point on massive volume with a very big move that day.


In the case of COHR, we had a real nice more horizontal consolidation rather than a sharp descent in the flag. And we had a real nice fibonacci retracement of the move from around $140 to $200. Projecting this from the low in the flag, $180, would give you a target of nearly $240.


In the most recent chart we can see that COHR easily reached this more aggressive target several weeks later. The advantage of trading stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals is that you can get big moves over a long period of time like this while you do other things and spend a lot less time trading.




By using technical analysis, we can enter at a point where we can enter the trade very near a firm support as its breaking out of a flag in this case – setting up a great risk/reward ratio. This is one of several very bullish technical patterns explained more on the site.


Earnings flags are a favorite of top traders and a great swing trading strategy. We actually have another real nice earnings flag breaking out now on our site for valued subscribers.



My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week


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Reversal Patterns – Trading Explosive Bottoms this Week

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This past week we saw several explosive bottoming patterns break out strongly. We traded a couple on lower priced stocks that made enormous moves after reaching the ideal entry point out of this chart pattern.


Normally we like to swing trade this very bullish reversal pattern on stocks above $20 because they are more reliable yet often make big moves. For instance, RH recently moved about 30% within 2 weeks after breaking out of the explosive bottoming pattern.


Stocks under $10 can make a huge move faster out of this candlestick reversal pattern. However, the failure rate is higher.


However, one great way to improve accuracy on this trade is to wait for the first strong five minute candle after the breakout. And then jump in only if the next five minute candle breaks the prior candle high


This seems to be one of the best ways to play the breakout on riskier stocks under $10. Day traders can use this strategy and play with a 1.5% stop-loss.


In this latest video, I talk about the trade on XBIT this week that moved about 25% within an hour or so after breaking out of the explosive bottoming pattern, our #1 candlestick reversal pattern


We caught the 2nd wave higher after a consolidation as we were profiting on the same pattern on AMAG.


View the video to see a great real life example of how to play this pattern on lower priced stocks.


I also discuss an earnings eruption trade from earlier in the week on LZB. The earnings eruption trade continues to be the most reliable short-term trading setup for us in the current market with big upside.






Quick note: some big swing trades are setting up on top growth stocks after this latest tech pullback.


One just featured in the Daily Alert could easily soar 20% or more next week. We are currently offering a special to see this huge opportunity with not triple digit but over 1,000% earnings growth in a recent quarter.


Even though its on special, you still get my 10 day, no questions asked guarantee.



My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week



Learn Risk Management for Confidence & Peace of Mind

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In our just released complimentary swing trading course, I talk about one of the critical elements of being a successful trader.


In this video I talk about risk management. And once you follow through on it, it leads to two very valuable things as a trader. 


Confidence and peace of mind.


Critical things covered in this video include separating your trading capital from the rest of your money and having a written set of rules for the max amount you want to risk on each trade.


But here is the bottom-line when it comes to risk management. I can’t stress this enough:


If you do NOT use good risk management when day trading, you will likely blow up your account at some point in the not-too-distant future. Especially when trading penny stocks. You can probably get away with sloppy risk management when swing trading better quality stocks, but it will at least cost you some of your profitability over time.


This video will help keep you in the game so you can stay on the path to becoming a great trader. Ignore risk management or get sloppy and it will cost you dearly.







My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week


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Swing Trading for Beginners Course Free on Blog

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We have a new swing trading for beginners course being released in a series of videos on the blog!  This swing trading course is a great way to learn many of our top strategies whether you are a beginner or more advanced swing trader.


As many of you know, we focus on finding the best technical setups on the top growth stocks and companies beating estimates with rising future earnings expectations. 


A lot of traders focus purely on technical analysis when trading.  Others just focus on trading fundamental factors.


Well, I am here to tell you that you do not have to choose.  You can trade just the best technical patterns on only stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals.


This strategy has been met with a lot of success again this year.  We have had a lot of big winners in 2017 so far including EDU, CXW, AEIS, MKSI, VEEV, MELI, WB, AMZN, FB, AAOI and many others over the past few months. 


These stocks have moved 20% to over 65% within several weeks from an ideal technical entry point identified in our Daily and Weekly Alert.


Some of the potential payoff for finding the best technical patterns on stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals. 


The more passive, less time-consuming 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter on is on track for a near triple-digit year by focusing on the best stocks with the best technical and fundamental factors.  After being on a tear its first five years.


But it all starts with the basics of our swing trading strategies.  These all-new free videos will give you a firm foundation whether you want our service, purchase our favorite strategies or whether you go off on your own.


This first video gives you an overview of what it takes to succeed at swing trading using our strategies.  Surprising to some, you do NOT need expensive services to succeed with our strategies. The free will work just fine to get started.


These free videos explain all the key areas you need to focus on when learning to become a highly profitable swing trader using our strategies.





My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week


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How to Trade Earnings Reports. Earnings Eruptions

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The Earnings Eruptions Video course is now Live!


Get the New Video Course


This series of videos shows you the way we profit quickly after a large earnings beat. 


A lot of misconceptions and half-truths are floating around online about trading earnings reports that are causing a lot of unnecessary losses and this video course clears them up for you.


There are 2 misconceptions in particular that are probably losing you a lot of money.  The first is the idea that you have to buy a stock ahead of the earnings report and hope that they beat earnings expectations by a wide margin (or miss earnings expectations if you play a straddle).


But only about 1 in a 100 stocks have the massive earnings beats that will really propel the stock a lot higher after the report.


Some just go ahead and buy the stock after the huge earnings beat. However, I can think of a couple of stocks in just over the past couple of weeks where that strategy would have turned out badly. Namely, PLCE and CBM.


Both of these stocks beat, gapped higher and then turned over and fell hard after the opening bell after the report.  Now some of these will go on to develop bullish chart patterns, generally weeks later, and the best consolidation patterns will be featured in our alert service.  But for a short-term day trade, they were a dud unless you shorted.


Now contrast those beats with SINA, OLED and WB over the past few weeks where they held their gap and then surged another 10% to 20% higher for huge profits within a day or two.  We entered a very high probability day trade on these stocks while avoiding a long day trade on PLCE and CBM.


There are 9 critical elements of a big earnings beat that tell us its likely to make a big move from the opening bell that day.


These include the quality of the gap, pre-market activity, the float size and volume have to be right along with 6 other factors explained in the videos.


We developed the course based on our experience day trading earnings beats over the past 2 years.  The first back-test of this new strategy was just completed covering a recent earnings season and showed a 90% success rate to make 3% to 20% or more while using a tight 2.5% stop. 


Pretty impressive and is similar to what we saw while testing dozens of day trading strategies over the past couple years.  Other strategies, including ones on penny stocks did not come close in terms of average percent profits.  And generally, there are dozens of stocks that have big earnings report beats that meet all the criteria in this new day trading strategy.


We generally swing trade because day trading is generally a waste of time.  After day trading dozens of the top strategies taught on-line, most just do not work that well and just generate commissions for your broker.  However, this is one of the very few exceptions and is too good to pass up.


Now the second misconception is that the trend into the release will tell you most of what you need to know.  For instance, many seem to think that if the price trends higher into the release the stock will sell off after a big earnings beat.  The thought being that if the stock was trending higher into the release, then the move forecasting the beat has already been made.


This is a half-truth that can be costly.  For instance, we featured MELI and WB ahead of their release in our daily alert newsletter.  Both had strong uptrends into the release.  Yet both gapped much higher after the release, held the gap and then trended much higher right from the opening bell for some of the biggest day trades you could hope for.


Using conventional logic, you should have shorted or sold after the earnings beat because the news was in.  And sometimes this is true.  However, if the 9 critical factors are in place, this event will provide an amazing short-term trading opportunity with a 3 up to a 10 to 1 risk/reward ratio with a very high probability of success.


The video course explains how to play monster beats and gives you the exact entry and exit strategies to profit 3% to 10% within about an hour usually.  After over 5,000 day trades over a 2 year period, this strategy proved to be the best day trading strategy by far.


Here is a great video showing a big earnings report trade that worked and another that we avoided.




My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week



Free Presentation: Elite Earnings Eruptions Video Course Unleashed



Secrets to Swing Trading Success

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2017 is shaping up to be another great year for those using our techniques. 


Many of our top swing trading setups featured in the Daily Alert around the first of the year have already made a 10% to 50% move in our direction.  And the Investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter, a newsletter for those who do not want to use technical analysis, is off to a good start.


In a recent live webinar, I explain why our swing trading methodology has done so well over the years.


I’m not a professional public speaker by any means and I was getting over a cold when I delivered this presentation.  But it explains why many have commented that we are the best stock picking service online.


We combine best-of-breed technical analysis with fundamental characteristics proven to beat the market over the average time horizon of our trades.  The video gives some great examples of how to find explosive trading setups using our strategy.


And the price is pretty good for this recorded live webinar.  It’s free 🙂



Yours Truly,


Brian C Neall – Founder



My List of Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Move This Week



Explosive Bottoming Patterns Unleashed…

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The explosive bottoming pattern training videos are now live!


View the Explosive Bottoming Pattern Course Videos.


This is my favorite go to candlestick reversal pattern that is a true workhouse. Its so easy to nail the entry point and you have plenty of opportunities each month. 


This reversal pattern, when identified correctly, is my current favorite reversal pattern and usually leads to a move of 4% to 100% higher in 15 minutes to 8 days if it reaches the entry point.


Not only can you use it for swing trading, you can also catch a great day trading opportunity near the ideal entry point. The day trading setups are nearly all the rest with its consistency and high probability of success.


And I continued to see that last week.  In just over the past month we have seen stocks in our newsletter soar around 15%, 25%, 35% and over 65% out of this one chart pattern.  A couple of these patterns occurred after subscribers made big profits on short patterns on these stocks following the short entry and exit targets given in the newsletter. 


Now you can learn to take advantage of these big rebounds as well.  This video explains the huge benefits of this explosive bottoming pattern in more detail….


Click here to the learn more about the Explosive Bottoming Pattern.




New Explosive Bottoming Pattern Course

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Our Explosive Bottoming Pattern Course is being unleashed.  The first course in our master trader training series revealing many of our powerful swing trading secrets.


As I was putting the finishing touches on the video course, several stocks appearing in our newsletter, including ADPT, soared 20% to 65% within just a few trading days out of this bottoming pattern.  Some of these explosive gains occurred after the stock reached our profit target in a short trade.


And this was with using a tight 3.5% stop-loss below the ideal technical entry point I am about to share in this course covering this reversal pattern.  It has an absolutely terrific risk/reward ratio when done right and a very high rate of success while using a tight stop.


Of course, not all stocks will make a huge move out of this bottoming pattern, but many will.


It takes about 2 to 3 hours for me to teach someone the important details to help them differentiate between a decent setup and a great trading setup using this technique.  From there, they can start using it on a simulator and then later transition to a live account.


But this bottoming strategy is much more than identifying a candlestick reversal pattern in a downtrend.  That is all too often just catching a falling knife.


With this technique, the chance of success is about 75% when following all the important rules carefully based on our back-testing over approximately 1.5 years including the recent bear market in small caps from mid 2015 to early 2016. 


More recently during a market uptrend (the market is in an uptrend more often than not) the success rate was 85% to 90% in December, January and February of 2017 during a recent back-test.


Now this assumes you know the important technical rules in the video course.  Ignore these, and the chances of success deteriorate quickly.


Today I want to share with you a large portion of the first video in the training course. 


If we get a volatile market in the months ahead, these videos could be worth a fortune to you and may be one of the few options to make money in the market.  Even if you have a full-time job and are only swing trading part-time. 


I say this because this technique is very successful during a market that is either very suspect or one that is trending higher. 


The video explains more and gets you started on learning this powerful bottoming pattern in today’s market.  My favorite reversal pattern I now use all the time in my own trading.





Get Ideal Swing Trading Setups with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Explode This Week


Swing Trading – Top Reversal Patterns Setting Up

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Since the bearish market signal we reported to customers a few weeks ago, the market has gone down a few percent – most of which occurred last week.


The Nasdaq, which has been the leading index this year, has now come back to near the top of a prior consolidation area on this pullback – setting up a potential rebound and some quality swing trading setups.


Now this could be a strong rebound off the 200 day or 150 day moving average, or it could be a weak rebound.  Time will tell.  So its best to look for good short-term swing trading setups at this point and keep a portion of your position after reaching a first conservative target.  And then stop the remainder at your entry point.


Many top growth stocks are pulling back sharply including AMZN and PAYC.  Here is a strategy to catch these rebounds once we have enough confirmation that a rebound rally is for real.


First of all I want to mention that buying a stock in a sharp downtrend is normally a recipe for losses because sharp declines in a stock are normally followed up with a secondary decline taking out the prior lows.


That being said, we can use a shorter-term swing trading strategy to profit off of the initial bounce and then keep a portion of our position for a potential huge profit. 


One of the favorite strategies used by top traders is a “candle over candle” pattern.  This is where a stock pulls back substantially before a daily candle closes above the high made the prior day.


You want to find this pattern on stocks in a longer-term uptrend.  You can pull up a weekly chart over the past year or so and confirm that the stock is making higher lows and higher highs over the long-term and has not made a lower high on a weekly chart.  A lower high would be an uptrend that lasts a few weeks that ends well below the prior high.  Or, you could just focus on stocks trading above their 200 day moving average to keep it simple.


But its all about buying great stocks on a pullback.  Just be sure that the pullback is not the start of the inevitable fall that occurs when a growth stock ends its growth phase.


Fortunately, a lot of great growth stocks will set up this pattern when the future outlook is still positive for the company.  These are the stocks that should be on our list to watch.


To illustrate this pattern, lets take a look at IPHI over the past year and circle the candle over candle patterns that many top traders look for after a substantial pullback of 15% or more.



IPHI is a good growth stock and was featured in a prior video as an example of a great channeling stock candidate several months ago.



Now what top traders often do is buy near the close if the price is likely to close above the prior days high when using this strategy.  And put a stop below the low of the prior day.  It could be a mental stop or a hard stop-loss order.  You could also use a 3.5% stop.


Then you could take profits after a 3% to 10% gain.  A small portion if it gets off to a strong start and selling a larger portion or whole position if it gets off to a weak start.  Then stop the remainder at your entry point.


The success rate on this setup is good to achieve a 4% profit before hitting a 3.5% stop-loss.


However, the success rate was significantly better when you look for other key characteristics covered in our new video training series covering our favorite short-term reversal pattern. 


In our study, using key parameters yielded a success rate of around 75% over about a year and a half period that included the recent bear market in small caps late last year and early this year.  Terrific results for a long-only strategy that included a period where small caps were in a bear market for about half the time.


Stay tuned for the release of this very valuable training series.  This new pattern is great for swing trading on a shorter time-frame of less than a week and a half. Its also an excellent setup for day traders as well because its beating every other successful pattern I have looked at that is used by top day traders online when the entry signal is reached before 10:30am. 


In my next post I will be sharing the first video in the new training series on the blog.  Stay tuned.


Get Ideal Swing Trading Setups with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Explode This Week


44% in 3 Days. How to Swing Trade Stocks

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We had an important market signal discussed in the Weekly and Daily Alert a few weeks ago that will affect your swing trading. 


This series of technical events often leads to very profitable swing trading setups in stocks. And we featured a few of them to customers over the past couple weeks.


This latest video shows how to swing trade stocks and how our customers made 17% to 44% within just a few days using the swing trading setups in our newsletter – without any risky options or leverage. Those trading the options must have made a small fortune – all within a week.


Just click the subscribe button off to the right and watch the video to discover this swing trading setup that is working extraordinarily well over the past few weeks.  The video also covers a couple great day trading setups that continue to work as well.



Get Ideal Swing Trading Setups with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals Poised to Explode This Week


Catch a Bottom – Not a Falling Knife on Top Stocks

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Although we have seen many big moves this year out of large continuation patterns on the best stocks, bottoming patterns continue to work well on the top small cap and even larger cap stocks. 


Today I am going to share with you a great trade on a top bottoming pattern setting up now and also go over a couple other trades so you know what to look for.


Several weeks ago we talked about the large rounding bottom pattern on NPTN on our blog.  We were able to nail a great entry point with a small downside risk and huge upside potential for customers of our Weekly and Daily Alert.


Our Youtube video on the rounding bottom pattern gives you a great primer for this very bullish price pattern. 


In real-time we showed the explosiveness of the rounding bottom pattern, giving you the next ideal technical entry point before it soared more than 60% within a couple months after the video was published on Youtube.  Nearly 80% from where it was featured to customers in our newsletter who received the trading setup a few days earlier.


Another example of a great bottoming pattern in 2016 was NTES which was featured to customers before it exploded more than 70% within 4 months. 


NTES was in our classic swing trading pattern (talked about on our home page) and it gives a great example of a quality bottoming pattern.  Today I plan to take you through my thought process on why this was such a good trading setup and also talk about another setup that is very near a good technical entry point as I write this. 


Its likely too late for NPTN and NTES for now, but other great opportunities will inevitably come up in the future on quality stocks.


Now the first thing we noticed before finding NTES is that the market had a bullish signal in late January and then again on the first day of March.  This signal generally occurs during the early stages of a new market uptrend.  This tells us to become more aggressive on long swing trades and to close out short positions.


Another key to this successful trade was identifying all the strongest sectors and industries in the market.  Money was starting to move back into emerging markets because fund managers perceived that those markets hold the best profitable growth opportunities. 


Large institutional money managers set the trajectory of the market and industries with their enormous buying power.  When swing trading and day trading, you need to know where they are putting the most new money to work by checking the RSI of various industries.


We noticed the strong trend of putting more money into Chinese stocks such as XRS which we had already featured earlier in the year.


But one thing we noticed about NTES was the strong long-term uptrend over the past several years with the wide swings.  Earnings growth had averaged over 22% per year over the prior five years.  Sales growth had nearly doubled in 2015 and was expected to grow strongly based on projections and their income statements. 


Return on equity was nearly 32%.  They also have a large cash position relative to their debt.  They also had a strong track record of blowing away earnings expectations when they reported.



Here is the chart featured to customers back on March 21rst.  Lets review what we liked about the all-important technicals.





You can see on the chart that the stock is developing a large symmetrical triangle pattern with both higher lows and lower highs.  At the same time, there is a very consistent, long-term uptrend support that actually goes back several years to the left of the chart.


The company was getting close to its earnings release.  We generally get out of a trade ahead of earnings except when the company crushes expectations consistently which was the case with NTES.


So all the factors that we look for were in place – strong sales and earnings growth along with other important growth stock characteristics, a strong long-term uptrend for years, a large bullish pattern while the stock was bottoming near the uptrend support, and a strong tendency to beat estimates with rising future expectations.  They even paid a 1.73% dividend yield.


After featuring NTES it broke out of the bullish symmetrical triangle pattern and went from about $140 to over $240 last week.  And this is with a lot less risk than a penny stock.


A couple weeks ago we featured a trading setup with a lot of similar qualities – LGND.  Earnings growth has averaged over 50% per year over the past five years.  Sales growth has been strong over the past few years and is expected to be over 60% this year and nearly 40% next year.  Return on equity is over 100% and the PEG ratio is .73.


Now this stock had another very interesting bottoming pattern just before we featured it to customers.  A pattern that along with an oversold RSI usually leads to very nice gains over the next week or so on quality small caps and top growth stocks.  We also recently called this pattern on AMBA and CBM.


LGND jumped more than 10% within a few days after featuring it to customers which is typical with this pattern that I will be going over in detail in future videos.  But for now, I would put LGND on your radar and look for ideal technical entry points in the weeks ahead.


The pattern we played on this for the short-term trade has very specific rules and takes advantage of a truly oversold condition on a quality small cap and even mid to large caps.


We are developing a new training series for this and other bottoming patterns because when found on top stocks this pattern has a very high rate of success while using a tight stop-loss.  4% to 10%, often within a couple days, is the norm with this pattern as long as the market is not too volatile and trending sideways or higher.


But when you find this pattern also within strong, consistent long-term uptrends on top stocks, you can hold a large portion for much longer while putting a stop-loss at an ideal technical entry point.  For a terrific high reward – low risk swing trade similar to NPTN and NTES. 


Very large bullish continuation patterns have worked great this year, but these oversold bounces should be your bread-and-butter trades. 


Done right, they are very profitable over time and will inflate your trading account.  Done wrong, its just catching a falling knife.  The video training series being released soon will explain exactly how to catch a bottom with a higher percentage trade and a great risk/reward ratio.


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Trend Trading Strategies & Multiple Time-Frame Alignment

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Multiple time-frame alignment is a concept used by top traders where you find ideal technical entries on more than 1 time-frame.  Usually this means finding a breakout in a good day trading chart pattern near the breakout point in a longer-term swing trading pattern.


For example, you can find a good flag pattern breakout formed over the past several weeks and then look for a good day trading pattern near that breakout point.  This is a must-know strategy for any day trader.


It also helps to better pinpoint swing trading entry points to improve your percentage of success while trading off a small portion of the gains.


To use multiple time-frame alignment, the first step is finding a list of great stocks near an ideal swing trading entry point.  Then you find the great day trading pattern and entry point.  This video gives you a great example of how we do it. 


Just click the subscribe button off to the right and play the video below. 


Like I said, its a very powerful concept that can make a big difference in your own trading.  In the video I also go over the flat base pattern and give you a great setup if the market starts a strong rebound next week!




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Large Chart Patterns Yielding Big Profits

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In our last blog post we talked about ELMD breaking out of a very large symmetrical triangle pattern.  In the Youtube video covering this trade we explained how you can come up with a more aggressive target and said that it was between $6 and $6.25.



After the video was published, the stock continued to rally and hit $6.26 before pulling back.


A pretty text book symmetrical triangle trade.  But our other top trading setup for the week was also a tremendous trading setup.  And is off to a good start towards our target.


This stock is in one of the hottest chart patterns this year – the bullish inverted J pattern.  As with other successful chart pattern breakouts we called this year, this one was a very large pattern – meaning the price change from the start of the pattern to the top of it was more than 40% as was the case with HA, GRAM, X, SBGL, ELMD and many others appearing in our newsletter this year before making a big move.


This year its been all about being in the best trading setups, with the best near-term fundamental characteristics, but in very large and well-formed chart patterns.  You don’t find them every week but they have been yielding huge profits when they come along while being much safer than penny stocks.


ACTG was the featured trading setup – our top pick for the week.  This stock had some of the best earnings estimate revisions in the market with a 30% increase in future estimates over the past month. 


We only feature stocks to customers that have the short-term fundamental factors to support a big move higher out of the technical pattern with real results to justify a higher valuation.


actg swing trade


The chart above shows the pattern as it was developing when we featured it to customers.  The ideal entry point is a move above the high or when the stock makes a higher low on the right-side of the base and then a higher high.  Stocks with a smaller pullback on the right-side of the base are actually better as long as the fundamentals are rapidly improving.


The price exploded through the entry point a few days after appearing in our Weekly Alert. 


For those day traders among us, the price had a very nice horizontal consolidation on a 5 minute chart after reaching the swing trading entry point.  The horizontal consolidation being a little above the ideal swing trading entry point which is perfect.  Once the price breaks out of that consolidation, it often makes a big move – in this case about 10% within a couple days.


This is a great example of the power of multiple time-frame alignment.  The great entry point on a daily chart and then a tight horizontal consolidation near that entry point (ideally just above it) on an intra-day chart followed by the breakout.


The stock quickly gained 12% within a couple days from the swing trading entry point.  ELMD quickly gained 25% from the ideal entry point but ACTG may beat that in the days ahead as it just broke out a couple trading days ago with upside potential.


actg swing trade breakout



So look for the larger chart patterns on a daily chart, rapidly improving fundamental factors that can support the price move and nail the entry point with a tight stop-loss.  Its been a recipe for success again in this latest market uptrend.



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Enormous Symmetrical Triangle Breakout – ELMD

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So what’s better than a very bullish chart pattern on a great stock? How about 2 bullish chart patterns!


Last year we released a video sharing with our audience how we found ANAC before it soared more than 120% within a couple months.  One of the keys to this trade was the multiple bullish chart patterns.  A cup with handle pattern with another cup with handle on a shorter time-frame within the handle of the larger pattern.


Some traders and investors are looking primarily at daily charts covering the past few months to years. Some traders are focusing just on the past few weeks or few days.  So if you have bullish chart patterns on multiple time-frames, you have more traders and investors that may jump in to help to push the stock higher.


And sometimes you have more than 1 pattern on the same time-frame as well.  A good example is ELMD which was one of the two top trading setups this week in the Weeky Alert.


This is a great example of a large, bullish chart pattern that I mention in our newsletters but have not brought up on the blog or main site up until now.  Its the symmetrical triangle pattern.


So lets take a look at it because its one of the most bullish continuation patterns.


Great Swing Trading - bull flag and symmetrical triangle


So lets define this pattern.  A symmetrical triangle is when you have both lower highs and higher lows being made as time goes on.  Over time, the highs get closer to the lows until the price has to break out in either direction. 


To be a valid pattern, you need at least 2 lower highs and 2 higher lows.  The highs and lows need to about line up in a straight line connecting them.


Now what happens is that short sellers short near the highs as the price starts to turn and then often put a stop just above the prior high and above the top trendline.  Those trading to the long side buy the stock and then often put a stop beneath the prior low and bottom trendline. 


So this adds buying pressure if the price breaks out of the top of the pattern and adds sellers if the price breaks below the lows of the pattern.


In both cases, notice the direction of a trend is not confirmed by taking out the prior high or by taking out a prior low as the symmetrical triangle develops.  Taking out the prior low would confirm a trend change to the downside.  Taking out the prior high would confirm the trend change to the upside. 


This is a continuation pattern meaning the price tends to break out in the same direction it was heading before the pattern started.


The one we found this week was a very large pattern on a small cap stock with strong growth in sales and earnings with a reasonable valuation.  A stock that has also beaten estimates 3 of the past 4 quarters with steady future estimates.  We prefer rising estimates but the fact that they beat 3 of the past 4 quarters is a good sign.


We only feature strong growth stocks and/or stocks beating estimates with rising future expectations.  This gives us an edge over pure technical strategies.


The entry point is a close above the upper trend line if you are playing a long trade.  And below the lower trend line if you are shorting or buying put options.  Again, you want to play a breakout in the same direction of the trade.


Now this stock happened to gap higher after we featured it and reached our target sell price for about a 10% profit within 15 minutes earlier this week.


Swing Trading Results Symmetrical triangle breakout



When a trade like this gets off to a such a good start we often keep a portion of our shares until the next uptrend is broken or another bearish technical event.  It could make a much larger move since its only trading for about 20 times earnings with good growth and about 15 times next years expected earnings which they tend to beat. 


At this point the risk/reward ratio does not justify entering a new trade.  However, those subscribed to our newsletter can just let a portion of your profits ride while stopping the remaining shares at your entry point.


You see symmetrical triangle patterns not only when swing trading on daily charts but also when day trading.  And they are often successful on stocks in strong trends that day in the morning before 11am and sometimes later when the market and stock are moving strongly that day.



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Red Hot Trend Trading Chart Pattern



One of the most bullish, yet underutilized, chart patterns continues to be the bullish inverted J.  Sometimes this is referred to as a bullish inverted ascending scallop as well.


We are seeing this bullish chart pattern A LOT this year and it continues to perform well in most cases.  HA and X are two monster inverted J trades for us this year on stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals. 


Both made moves of greater than 50% out of this pattern.  And these are not penny stocks where you question if the business is for real.


But we have been mentioning an even larger pattern recently in our newsletter that is one of the best setups this year.  So far its made a move of about 20% higher from where we featured it 3 weeks ago with a lot of upside potential left after this latest pullback.


I am about to share with you this tremendous opportunity in the gold market but first lets talk about the bullish inverted J pattern and why its so powerful.


You can think of the bullish inverted J pattern as an inverted J Hook or rounding top pattern gone bad for the shorts.


So as a rounding top pattern starts to turn over it generally starts to attract short sellers as it makes lower highs and lower lows on the right side of the base.  But what fools some short sellers is that the strong initial move higher is often just the first wave up.


As the price rounds to the downside it sometimes suddenly makes a higher low.  And this is the key event in the pattern.  Because if the price makes a higher high from there you have a confirmed trend change to the upside.  (One day with a lower low is not that significant but 2 consecutive lower lows defines a new short-term downtrend for us.)


This is probably the single most important concept to understand in technical analysis – aside from horizontal and moving average support and resistance.  This highly important tenant is that a higher low is the first trend change signal to the upside.  And a lower high is the key trend change signal to the downside.


The higher low is often cited as the ideal entry point in the bullish inverted J pattern.  Although we like to wait for the higher high on the right-side of the base as this often acts as strong support which can set up a terrific risk/reward ratio if you want to play with a tight stop-loss.


Lets go over the chart and I will explain why this was such a good trading setup and what we can learn from it.  And how we can continue to make money off this stock.


Here’s the daily chart from when it was featured in our Weekly Alert:


Great Swing Trading setup on a Weekly Chart



Notice the well-formed rounding shape of the pattern.  As the price starts to round over, short sellers start to place stops just above the preceding highs – playing the rounding top pattern.  This sets up a strong move back through those highs at a later date on small catalysts because the shorts need to buy to cover their short positions.


Now we did not feature the pattern until after the first entry point was reached.  The initial entry point was the higher low being made on the right-side of the base.  However, as is often the case, this would have required a wider stop-loss as the price was still regaining its footing in a new short-term uptrend.


The best entry point in our opinion is a move above the prior high after the higher low.  With this entry you can play with a tight stop-loss just a few percent below the prior high – around $13.80 in this case.  This would have worked out well.  A wider stop would be below the prior low.


Here are the factors that make this a great trading setup. 


First of all, we have a strong uptrend in the stock and the gold market in general.  Secondly, the stock had some of the highest estimate revisions according to Zacks.


Third of all, it was a very large and well-formed chart pattern.  Money talks and technical analysis will tell you more than talking heads on TV.  You can listen to opinion but where is the big money going?  Technical analysis will answer this question more than anything else.


That being said, we prefer very bullish technical patterns with some real results and improvement to back it up.  The large estimate increases and a strong trend in gold prices, lowering bond yields world-wide, are some of the fundamental factors that support this trading setup.  Its not just a pump and dump penny stock in other words.


This pattern is enormous.  In fact, some technicians would place a target close to $30 or more on this.


Here is the most recent chart:


Great Swing Trading setup on a gold stock



So far, the stock has moved nicely higher.  Its a good idea to take some off after a 5% to 10% move higher.  But we would leave the majority of our position on and stop it just below the ideal entry point – just below $16.63 in this case.  Or just below a prior low in the trend.


If you are a day trader you could look for a pullback to the 9 EMA, center of the bollinger band, or 20 day moving average.  And then find a bullish candlestick pattern near there.  Enter a trade with about a 3% stop-loss and then have a very good shot at a move of 10% or more within a few days.


One of the big secrets to day trading is finding a great swing trading setup.  And then look for good day trading patterns after the price reaches the ideal entry point in the day trading setup.  Or just before then as it nears the breakout point of the longer-term swing trading pattern.



This video has another great example of this chart pattern and some valuable tips to make money off of it.




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Small Cap Tech in a Very Bullish Rounding Bottom

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The bullish rounding bottom pattern is another very bullish chart pattern that offers many great trading opportunities during a market uptrend.


Top traders generally have strong knowledge in a few key areas including analyzing the overall market trend, trend analysis on individual stocks, the behavior of stocks around key moving averages, and chart patterns. Reading the description of the top chart patterns on this site is a good place to start.


The rounding bottom is a close cousin to the well-known cup with handle pattern. In fact, all swing trading cup and handle patterns have to form a rounding bottom and reach their entry point before forming a quality cup and handle pattern.


In this blog post I will review the rounding bottom pattern and show you a great setup on NPTN. We published a video talking about this classic rounding bottom setup just before it surged 70% higher within several weeks.


As the name suggests, the rounding bottom is where a stock pulls back but the downtrend gradually becomes less steep, forming a rounding shape on the chart. For swing traders, you want to find these on a weekly chart where the rounding shape can be seen much more clearly in most cases.


Here is the great example of this with NPTN. Notice the difference between the weekly and daily chart.


Here’s the weekly chart:


Swing Trading setup on a Weekly Chart

Swing Trading Setup – Rounding Bottom Pattern



On the weekly chart you can see the rounded shape clearly. Any charting package including the free version of will have the weekly chart option. As you can see on the chart, this is the second rounding bottom for this stock this year.


Now the entry point is once the stock starts to make higher lows and higher highs on the right side of the base. To find a great entry point you can then look at a daily chart. You need to see a couple lower lows on the daily candles to occur before you can have a higher low.


Here’s the daily chart:




For us, the target entry was a move above $10 around July 12th. If you miss this entry, another good entry is a close above the next short-term downtrend resistance line created by connecting the highs in the most recent downtrend. Or a bullish candlestick pattern off around the 9 EMA or 20 day moving average. You want to see the former breakout area acting as strong support and a key moving average starting to act as strong support as well.


In fact, if you have day trading skills you could wait for a bullish entry point on a 5 minute or 10 minute chart off one of these support levels.


Now you could enter once the price makes a higher low – in late June in this case. However, you would likely need a wider stop-loss and it will have a higher failure rate because the trend change has not been confirmed by making the higher high.


There are a few ways to execute a stop-loss strategy. A good tight stop-loss would be about 2 to 5 percent below where the price cleared the higher high. In this case, $9.75. A more conventional stop-loss would be below the prior low or below $8.94 in this case. Or below the bottom of the pattern. If this is too much risk, you would just lower your position size accordingly.


This stock has a lot of upside potential. At the point of entry, the prior high was nearly 50% above that price and offers a good aggressive target. Take some off at the next level of resistance which was about $11.30 in this case. Then you can stop the rest just below the ideal entry point.


One reason this setup made it into our newsletter is that it had the strong long-term uptrend on a multi-year chart. And strong growth in sales and earnings.


Also, the company consistently beats earnings expectations with rising future consensus estimates. The stock has to be either a strong growth stock or be beating estimates with steady to rising estimates to be presented to our customers. This stock has both qualities.


Now because they have the strong results to back up the move in the stock price, this stock could break through the 52-week highs. But you just have to wait and see how this plays out. If it does not look strong near $13 to $14, then you could take the rest off and wait for another good technical setup.



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